October, 2020

On October 22nd, Laval Virtual invited visitors to its virtual world for the Laval Virtual Days Food. The first edition of this event, now a monthly event, focused on the food industry. Professionals from the agriculture and food industry shared their experience with immersive technologies. Training, risk prevention, nutritional pedagogy: the topics were varied. One question was at the heart of the day: how can virtual reality be integrated into the agri-food industry, at a time when it is already very common in other industries?


September, 2020

On September 28th, XR enthusiasts gathered in the well-known Laval Virtual World for a vibrant and rich evening. For the second consecutive year, Laval Virtual organized an immersive “back-to-school”, in partnership with Cap Digital. The team, along with many other VR/AR experts, looked back at 2020 which was a very special year. Discover all the trends and business sectors that went through a major evolution.


September, 2020

On September 17th, sports and virtual reality experts gathered in the Laval Virtual World for the Laval Virtual Days Sport. It was the first time this theme was selected, but the timing to raise new questions was ideal. Indeed, the health crisis has had a serious impact on sports. Major events like the Olympics were canceled, sports halls were closed and professional athletes were forced to stay at home. How have immersive technologies made a big difference?

Virtual Worlds

June, 2020

On June 16th, about a hundred people, VR/AR experts or not, simple curious or fervent specialists, gathered in the Laval Virtual World. Almost two months after the virtual version of the annual exhibition, these all-digital Laval Virtual Days were an opportunity to look back on the virtual adventure of the past few weeks.